WinXP LSI Logic SAS Unsigned Driver & View Composer

If experiencing issues with guest customization of a Windows XP gold image in VMware View after converting from IDE to LSI Logic SAS, it may be related to the LSI SAS driver.

When browsing logs in a virtual desktop that fails to customize, check for messages like the following at the end of the guest customization logs (VMware KB 1023146):

Status: 0xC0000022 NtCreateFile(\??\D:\simvol.dat) SvmFindPersistentDisks – Could not find config volume.
svmNga debug: Rpci: Sending request=’ ‘

The “Found New Hardware” wizard should also pop up at login. The reason for this is that the LSI Logic SAS SCSI controller could be the unsigned version. Even though the controller may be functioning properly in the master image, this causes problems when Composer goes to add the secondary OS disk. This can be checked in Device Manager by viewing the ‘Driver’ tab of the SCSI Controller for ‘Not digitally signed’.

LSISAS GeneralLSI SAS Unsigned

The LSI support website, where VMware recommends to download the driver in VMware KB 1007035, is painful to search, so it’s an easy mistake. The correct driver to use for ESX 4.1 hosts is (Link goes to official LSI web site). For reference, the device driver properties should look like the following once updated:


To recap, update the master image with the signed LSI Logic SAS driver, recompose the pool, and the virtual desktop should compose without any problems.

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