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April is forced to infiltrate the flagship with the Fugitoid and Casey, but upon being caught by Mozar after getting past the security, April and Casey head for the main armory while the Fugitoid is captured and brought before the Emperor.

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While at the store picking up supplies mostly food , they encounter the friendly but scary store owner.

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Meeting up with her past self, April is able to help overpower Captain Mozar when he beams down to confront everyone after Leo destroys the detonator, disarming the Heart of Darkness, then bear witness to the Fugitoid's true intentions as he sacrifices the Ulixes, and himself, to destroy the Heart of Darkness and the Triceraton flagship once and for all.

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The two of them continue to argue which results in her stating that she wants them to get along and just have a quiet ride back home.

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She and the other Turtles arrive at the Bell Tower Lair via the Turtle Blimp, where the brought-to-life Wingnut and Screwloose are fighting Mikey and Casey, having become more animalistic thanks to April's crystal.

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Thanks to her psychic powers and the Aeons' gift, April can tell Karai is legit in telling them the truth, but before the Turtles leave, April wants her tanto back.

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She then tells him that her head fell off to see if he was paying attention as he was still messing around.

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Following a lead on a criminal contact the Fugitoid knows, , who has knowledge of the schematics of the Triceraton Armada's flagship, April and Casey have to stay behind on the Ulixes while the Fugitoid and the Turtles travel into the cantina where Vrax is waiting for them due to how the cantina does not take kindly to Terrans.

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Her friendship with the turtles is rekindled after they save her from both Karai and the Kraang.